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To all those interested in deepening ministerial theology and improving the effectiveness of their service to God.

Specifically addressed to:

1.    Graduates from some institute, college or theological seminary that have completed a baccalaureate (NOTE: The academic credits of the theological school must meet the minimum required).  12 master's level courses with a duration of 10 weeks each

2.    Qualified professionals in any career other than theological. 14 master's level courses with a duration of 10 weeks each

To be part of the GRADUATE CERTIFICATE in CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP (Graduate Certificate) which is taught in alliance with Hope International University of Fullerton, California, USA.


Hope University in Fullerton California was founded in 1928. It ranks as one of the three largest universities of the Churches of Christ / Christian Churches, of the so-called Restoration Movement and according to Christian Universities Online it is among the first 50 Evangelical Universities and Bible Colleges in the United States. It has an enrollment of more than 1,300 students. In its beginnings, it was named Pacific Bible Seminary, then Pacific Christian College and since 1997 it has had its current name. Apart from the Theological School, it offers four more in the areas of Sciences and Arts, Business, Education and Psychology.

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