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Which program are you applying for?


When are you planing to start?

Will you be living on campus or commute?

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Personal info

Legal Status:

*if married...

Spouse name:

Date of Marriage:

Name and age of children:

Applicants parents name:

Phone Number:

Address (if different from residence)

Education History


Work info or Student info:

Skills learned:





Date of accepting Jesus in your heart:

Date of immerse baptism:

Have you been baptized by immersion in the name of the “Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”?​

What age?

Are you sure of your faith?

What are your believes?

What gifts has God given to you?

What spiritual gifts have you received?

Are you called to Christian Ministry?

What ministry would you like to per-sue once you graduate?

What denomination would you consider yourself to be in?

What areas have you served in your church?

What are your reasons for assisting UCM?


1. How would you describe your physical health?

2. Do you have any medical restrictions?

3. Have you ever used:


I affirm that the information I have provided is true. Likewise, if I am accepted as a student at the Christian University of Mexico, I commit to acting in honor of the Lord's call to be his son/daughter and his servant, so my conduct on campus and outside of it it will be a Christian according to the heart of God. I also commit to diligently comply with academic obligations, showing respect towards my classmates and towards the academic and administrative staff. I commit to being dedicated in ministerial work and in the jobs and tasks that the school provides. Likewise, I agree to submit to the rules and regulations that the Christian University of Mexico establishes.

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