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Are you looking for Ministerial Training for your leaders/members? with ETE you can do it from your church.  Study program that is made accessible to the Spanish-speaking church in order to collaborate in discipleship and the formation of servant-leaders for the local congregation. 

theological education by extension

course program

  • 10 Weeks of the course

  • Week 11, an exam

  • Week 12, Enrichment Conference

  • Local Instructor

  • Transmission of the Pastoral Vision to the life of the Church

"A program with more than1000 students"

ETE students:

Registration by Course:

$150 pesos

Payment per Course:

$45.00 pesos per week

(10 Weeks)

Total: $600 pesos. ($60USD)


¿Did you know that you can study ETE inLine? BeamClick here

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